My memories of the ‘Lake City’

There is something about Rajasthan that lures travellers from all across the globe; so is its lake city, Udaipur. This place was always in my list of ‘must go-s’.

Surrounded by the Aravali Hill Range, with its picturesque lakes, majestic palaces, tranquil landscapes, this city is indeed a treat to the eyes!

And travelling to Udaipur was to know its soul. Being a person, who loves new experiences, I decided to experience this lovely place, its traditions, people and the food.

The travel to Udaipur was a solo trip and I always prefer to travel solo. The perks of a solo trip is that you can do all that you want, you can just relax, be at the virgin places rather than the most visited places, you don’t have to wait for anyone. It’s just you and your world at you time!

The most exciting part of this trip was definitely to see those places which were familiar to me only through pictures. The City Palace is a wonder; it took me about 4 hours to visit the entire palace. The place talked about the history of the Rajputs, their traditions, culture, the battles they fought; literally everything!

A Palace hall

Manak Mahal. City Palace

Carrier Pigeon Cages in the City Palace

While climbing up and down the slop road, I couldn’t get enough of the souvenir shops, lining the narrow streets on either side with a serious variety of art work displayed on the walls. These art works include wall mural paintings too and cut work with transparent and beautiful pieces of coloured glass. I also loved the boat rides along Lake Pichola, the sunsets at Gangaur Ghat feeding the pigeons, the ride to Peeplyaji and coffee at Fatehsagar.

Wall Art

I met Naaru, a singer. I met him almost on all days, many times, at the Gangaur Ghat, at the bridge, and at the palace premises. He plays the Ravanatha, a musical instrument that belongs to the era of the Rajas. His ancestors used to play it and it has been passed down across generations and now to him. He plays it day and night; a soothing sound it has. I had my hands on it too!

Naaru the singer

And of course, I had a great time in Udaipur, getting to try out the local cuisine and specialties. It would be a big injustice to Bunty bhaiyya if I don’t mention about his street side shop, which is the literally the centre of attraction at the Chetak area. So, I called this ‘The Egg Place’, and as the name suggests he sells a number of egg dishes, which, trust me, is unbelievably different and super delicious making it undoubtedly the best I have ever had, and my favorite being ‘egg nice’, which is a mix of eggs, mayonnaise, onions, spices and cheese.

Egg Nice

Also, I had the yummiest coffee at Fatehsagar, which is famous among the travelers as well as the locals, served both hot and cold; it is best enjoyed sitting along the Fatehsagar Lake. Also, I had the yummiest coffee at Fatehsagar, which is famous among the travelers as well as the locals, served both hot and cold; it is best enjoyed sitting along the Fatehsagar Lake.

Coffee at Fateh Sagar

As already mentioned, Udaipur is a place which mesmerizes you with its hills, lakes, palaces and architectures. I’d also recommend the ride uphill peeplyaji, a cruise through Lake Picchola and a walk along the old city.  About my stay, I stayed at an old haveli, at the banks of the lake Pichola. I can’t tell you how much I miss my room there! I have stayed in a variety of places, but this was quite a different experience. It was a haveli (the house owned by the royal court members or the landlords, dating back to about 200 years) turned hotel. A part of my room and the balcony was above the lake Pichola. I could see the beautiful Gangaur Ghat through the window. To see the Ganghaur Ghat during the golden hours was just too amazing. It also had a roof top restaurant, where I could enjoy my meals, getting the tranquil view of the Lake Pichola and relaxing.

Ganghor Ghat in the night

The most favourite find I came back is a CD which plays music from the Ravanatha, played by Naaru, the traditional singer. I also managed to get the authentic recipe of the delicious Dal Bhatti dish, a lovely set of Rajasthani Jewellery and a bandini hand worked shawl.

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