Moments at the Blue World, Kuala Lumpur

Jelly Fish

Who doesn’t admire beauty?

The world is full of beautiful creations of God. And I would never miss an opportunity to admire these creations closely. On a recent trip to Kuala Lumpur, I got the chance to visit the Aquaria KLCC.

Although initially I wasn’t very impressed, as I continued my stroll, there were extremely pretty little water animals and fishes which grabbed my attention. They were of unusual color combinations, shapes and types.

The beautiful angelfish

As I proceeded through the aquarium, bigger creatures began to be spotted. Turtles, sharks and ‘nemo’ posed for my camera!

I was eagerly waiting to enter the underwater tunnel, which was around a 100-meter long one. All of a sudden I was surrounded by nothing but, BLUE. I felt like a mermaid, experiencing the water creatures so closely. Sting Rays, sharks and shoals of fishes swam above and on my both sides.  I saw sea animals which I have never seen or heard about. The tunnel has over 5000 varieties of aquatic creatures. It just felt like I was transported to a blue world, all of a sudden.

A Scene from the Aquarium

A visitor clicking photographs of the Jelly Fish

I was surrounded by other visitors, who had similar reactions, and the place was a lively one. The aquarium experience is something that you cannot miss on, when in Kuala Lumpur!



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