Irani Chai and Osmania Biscuits at Nimrah Café & Bakery, Hyderabad

A trip to Hyderabad is incomplete without sipping the Famous Irani Chai and the Osmania biscuits. I decided to grab a cup on my first day in Hyderabad.

There are a number of cafes serving Irani Chain in the Old city. But I had one cafe in mind which served the best Irani Chai in the city. After enjoying the inner architectural beauty of the Charminar, the shine of the bangles in the Laad Bazaar and a visit to the Mecca Masjid, I decided to take a tea break at the Nimrah Bakery and Cafe.

From morning 4 a.m. to midnight, the cafe is crowded and visitors have to jostle to find place inside the cafe. It is located next to the Charminar, and one can find men and women of all ages here.

As the waiter spotted me clicking pictures of the cafe, at a few steps to it, he showed me the perfect spot to be. He led me to a table with a view of the Charminar.

Nimrah Bakery was founded in 1993 by Abood Bin Aslam Al Katheri, who had learnt baking and was a baker.

For years, this has been a busy spot, with people standing here, gossiping as they sip the tasty chai and cookies.

And at the counter, there are trays of freshly baked cookies, biscuits and dilpasand brought in, one after another from the aromatic kitchen. There is a continuous supply of other biscuits, buns and fruit breads from the kitchen.

Among the biscuits, the most famous are the Osmania biscuits, which literally melt in the mouth! It is Hyderabad’s last Nizam’s favourite cookies and said to be named after him. Apparently, he was in love with these biscuits and ordered them from the Vicaji’s hotel, quite popular at that time. The hotel doesn’t exist anymore. It was founded by a Parsi from Mumbai, who had moved to Hyderabad. The hotel was one of a kind, at its time. It was later sold and demolished. But the Osmania biscuit continues to be a favourite among the Hyderabadis!

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