Five Weekend Getaways From Bangalore


Once, the capital of Vijaynagara Empire,’ Hampi’ attracted travellers and traders from all over the world. Even today, in its magnificent and fascinating ruins, it still continues to lure travellers and photographers.  Hampi is all about rock structures and huge boulders and is also called the ‘Rock City’. The beautiful architectural marvels, the hills, the huge boulders, banana plantations, paddy fields and the captivating hippie vibes, all add to the elegance of this capital city. Located at a distance of 350 km from Bangalore, it is definitely a great weekend getaway.


“Are you a beach person?”  . Then Gokarna would be an excellent choice for a weekend getaway from Bangalore. This small town in Northern Karnataka attracts travellers with its clean and un-crowded beaches. One can enjoy amazing sunsets, cliff beaches surrounded by forests and the rock formations which add to the mesmerizing beauty of the beaches. A stay in the thatched huts along the beach, a walk through the colorful lanes next to the temple and trying out the local cuisine are some of the must-dos here.


Kudremukh is a mountain range located close to Chikmanglur. It is a stunning, literally a green hill range in the Western Ghats. A visit to the Kudremukh National Park takes one along a memorable jeep ride through the misty green forests. The view-point from the top is definitely worth the climb, especially during the monsoons. It is the crowning jewel of the Western Ghats.  There are sufficient road transport options available to get here and is a good choice for a weekend getaway from Bangalore.


An excellent display of rock cut architecture, Badami and the nearby Pattadakal never fails to impress their visitors.  An exploration of this cave system consisting of Jain, Hindu and Buddhist temples and the sculptures leaves one wondering about the skills of the sculptors from the Chalukya Dynasty. Badami has been the shooting location for many Bollywood and Regional movies. It is an easy and a good getaway from Bangalore and is a place to click some great photographs!


Located in Northern Kerala, Wayanad is a travellers’ paradise. Lush green hills, view  from the sloping hairpins, a trek to the forest, a ride through the Rajiv Gandhi National Park and a  hike to see the ‘heart shaped’ lake are all must –dos during a trip to Wayanad, and is definitely going to be a wonderful memory! This place makes a perfect getaway for one who is fond of hill stations, to have an extra-ordinary and a blissful experience.

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