About Me

Hey guys, I’m Sruthy Shah, an avid traveller and blogger who loves to capture glimpses of this beautiful planet. And, THE HIPPIE SOUL is the hub to all my travel experiences, memories and blogs.

I grew up in a protective family and was brought up in the Middle East. There I was exposed to a culture and lifestyle which was completely different from that of my home land.

After living in the Middle East for 13 years, I returned to India in 2011, to pursue my Engineering in Kerala.  During my Engineering, I went on a trip to Rajasthan with two of my girlfriends. It was just a short vacation but since then, travelling has become an obsession for me.  As time passed, I wanted to explore more and in depth. I went to near and far places, sometimes all alone. I fell in love with mountains, rivers, deserts and surreal landscapes. I have met, stayed, heard stories and made memories with people unknown to me.  I have an eternal quest for discovering and exploring more of this planet.

I have travelled across India, Middle East, England, Scotland and a few South East Asian Countries. I have been to castles in Scotland, a 2000 year old temple amidst a jungle in Kerala, a million year old cave system in Saudi Arabia and many more.

I always look forward to find and explore non-commercialized places. And it has not been easy, most times.  I have had wonderful as well as challenging travel experiences; financial support and difficulties of being a solo female traveller were also a part of my journey at times.

“Yet the fire that was enkindled in me, gives me the hope and leads me on”

I wish to light the lives of others with this hope!