A surreal sunrise

“Lord Rama built the Ram Sethu Bridge from the tip of India to Sri Lanka to rescue his beloved queen, Sita Devi”, this story is pretty famous in the Hindu mythology. On the map of India, we can find an extremely narrow line of land between India and Sri Lanka.

I was reading about Dhanushkodi, during a vagabond trip across South India. Of course, it wasn’t possible for me to visit the narrow strip made of limestone shoals. But yes, it was possible to get to the closest, Dhanushkodi!

So, I boarded a bus from Vattakanal to Dhanushkodi, and reached Rameshwaram after changing four local buses.

The bus dropped me at the Ramanathaswamy Temple in Rameshwaram at around 4 in the morning, which definitely was too early to catch the next bus to Dhanushkodi.

I took a stroll around the premises to see whether I could find a spot to freshen up. I found a Satram, (which is nothing but a resting place for pilgrims where food and accommodation is provided). After taking a quick wash, followed by a cup of tea, I boarded the bus which was to take me to the Dhanushkodi point.

It was still dark when the bus started. The bus slowly started getting crowded. I kept looking out of the window. The road on both sides was barren. Slowly, the surroundings began to lit up. I gazed out of the window and couldn’t believe sight in front of me.

The view at sunrise

Was I dreaming? No, there was a breath-taking beauty out there; there was a water body, like an extension of the sea. Without a second thought, I requested the conductor to stop the bus.

I walked closer to the place. The ground was damp, just like a swamp. But I went the closest possible to it.

The view was nothing but surreal. I had to keep shifting my position every now and then because my feet were literally sinking into the damp, muddy ground. And I kept doing it, because I didn’t want to miss on this beautiful, extremely gorgeous sunrise.

The sun slowly came out and the entire place was golden. The water was so reflective, that the only thing which made a division between the sky and the water was the line of the horizon.

   The view after the sunrise

I had posted pictures of this place on my Instagram account, a year back, and my inbox was flooded with enquiries about the place. I would have loved to share the exact location, but it was a random place between Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi. I couldn’t locate the place on Google maps too.

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