A Photo story from the Arad Fort, Bahrain

There is something about visiting forts; it never fails to offer a unique vibe! Forts are the living ambassadors of the past; from decades to centuries. When I saw the Arad Fort on the map of the island country of Bahrain, I decided to visit it. Arad Fort is also known as Qal’at ‘Arad and is located in Muharraq, Bahrain.
A ten kilometer ride from the capital city of Bahrain and I was at the Fort. The fort turned out to be a huge, brown quadrangle shape, made out of organic materials. The fort has an Islamic architecture.


Arad Fort

                                                                          Different views of the Fort

The fort has an Islamic architecture; it is built of limestone from the corals and sand from the surrounding sea and the beaches.

”The purpose as to why the fort is built is unknown”, said Yasmeen Taif, a local. From the sources that I read, it was suggested that the fort is assumed to have been built for the purpose of defense against the Portuguese, initially. It was then used by the Portuguese after their invasion of Bahrain, later on it was conquered by the Omanis, when they ruled Bahrain and was the residence of the young Omani Governor General then. It was also under the control of the Al Khalifa tribe.
The fort although in ruins is a beautiful masterpiece; there are a number of archways, halls and tiny rooms. There are also a few dark spaces in the interiors and two wells too. There are cylindrical structures on the four corners of the fort, which would have been used for military purposes. There is an interior courtyard and also upper walkways. The four cylindrical structures are connected by walkways.

Arad Fort                                                                  The beautiful archway inside the Fort

The rubble and stones did hurt from time to time, but it was worth climbing up the fort, for the view.
The fort has been rebuilt for a couple of times now, each time using the same ancient materials, so as to keep it in its original style.

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